Westside Youth Soccer Association  

Guidelines for Teams Attending Tournaments

WYSA encourages all teams that wish to attend tournaments to do so.

Teams wishing to attend tournaments can be made up of players, from one or more league teams, as long as the players and team are all registered, and in good standing, with BC Soccer Association.


  1. Out of province tournaments: BCSA application form.
  2. All players must be registered with and be in good standing with BCSA.
  3. The Team going to tournament must be affiliated or in other words registered with BCSA through their district. For example a team that is playing within a league can take a core group of their league players then add players from other teams until they have enough to go to a tournament – this team is recognized by BCSA because it is affiliated/registered with BCSA through its league standing.
  4. WYSA players will NOT be released to teams that are not affiliated/registered with BCSA. Parents of players wanting to go to tournaments with teams that are not affiliated/registered with BCSA need to be aware that there is NO insurance coverage for their child if they participate with one of these teams!
  5. Teams going to tournaments must cover all of their own fees and expenses. WYSA will not put any funds towards tournaments.
  6. Coaches can apply to WYSA to invite players from teams other than their Club team to go to tournaments, including players from any other COYSA Clubs: Lake Country, Mission, Kelowna, Rutland, Kelowna United, Okanagan FC and/or Westside.
  7. Coaches of the team going to a tournament will email the player(s) they wish take from another club to WYSA’s Executive Director at wssoccer@shaw.ca who will then send an official request to the other clubs.
  8. Teams may NOT miss regular scheduled league games to attend tournaments.
  9. Coaches, Parents, and Players are expected to uphold WYSA/COYSA/BCSA codes of conduct while attending tournaments.

Risk Management Check List for Teams attending Tournaments

  1. Medical forms filled out and handed in to team officials.
  2. Contact numbers (including cell phone) for parents and alternate are on file with team officials.
  3. Emergency Action Plan has been made, people have taken designated roles, and everyone understands their role fully.
  4. Chaperones are designated.
  5. Cell phone numbers and accommodation information for chaperones are on file with team officials.
  6. Cell phone numbers and contact info for coaches, chaperones, and hotel has been given to every player, coach, and chaperone in an easy to carry format (e.g. small card).
  7. Address of each field you are playing at are with the coach, and with the person designated to make the emergency phone calls.
  8. First aid supplies are fully stocked.
  9. Equipment is in good repair.

In Case of Emergency

When an emergency happens, whether it is an injury or a missing player, a pre designated plan will allow everyone to act immediately in a highly effective manner to deal with the emergency.

The Team Head Coach should hold a meeting with all coaches, team managers, and chaperones prior to the tournament.

Brainstorm everything that could go wrong on while traveling to and from, while at the tournament, while at the hotel, time between games,

Create an Emergency Action Plan:

  1. Designate a first aid responder, responsible for the first aid kit.
  2. Designate someone to stay with the injured or affected person (injury, illness, anxiety etc.) including transportation to medical facility if necessary.
  3. Designate someone to stay with the team.
  4. Designate someone to be responsible for phoning: emergency personnel, parents, chaperones, and WYSA (778-755-6102).
  5. Designate who will search if a player is missing.
  6. Designate someone to document the incident including any follow-up required i.e. police report or medical requirements.
  7. Have a team meeting at the hotel and review emergency exits at the hotel, review codes of conduct, review expectations of players for the field i.e. staying with chaperones, meeting points/times etc.