Westside Youth Soccer Association  

WYSA follows BC Soccer Air Quality and Extreme Heat Guidelines

Air Quality

BCSA Air Quality Guidelines state that all soccer practices & training be cancelled when the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) is 7 or higher.  Going forward we will make the call at 4pm each day for the entire evening and get a mass email out.  Please watch your emails from WYSA or your coaches and/or track the AQHI yourselves.

Games will be cancelled at an AQHI of 7+ and this could happen before, at kick-off or during a game depending on how fast the air quality changes. Final say at or during a game is the referee’s.

Air Quality Health Index – Latest air monitoring data map – BC Air Quality – Province of British Columbia (gov.bc.ca)

Air Quality Health Index – BC Air Quality – Province of British Columbia (gov.bc.ca)

Extreme Heat 

BCSA Extreme Heat Guidelines outline that soccer be modified to ensure player safety between 30C-39C and cancelled at 40C+

Going forward we will make the call as forecasted and actual temperatures reach 40C  Please watch your emails from WYSA or your coaches for cancellations.

Games will be cancelled at 40C+ and this could happen before, at kick-off or during a game, final say at or during a game is the referee’s.

Cancellations due to heat may occur at lower temperatures based on humidity and other factors that are having a clear and unhealthy impact on our athletes.  This may be done prior to or during soccer by the district (COYSA), Club (WYSA), coaches or referees.

Humidex Value Discomfort at rest Risk of overheating during exercise Activity Modification
Below 24C None Low N/A
25C to 29C None Low to Moderate N/A
30C to 34C Some Moderate – Athletes should be monitored Games: Drink breaks every   30 minutes
35C to 39C High High – Athletes should be monitored closely Practices: reduce length & intensity; consult with WYSA for cancellation
Games: consider reduced game length, reschedule or cancel

Refunds Policy

There are no refunds after the first league game is played.  All refunds will have a $30 administration fee applied.

Criminal Record Check Policy

The purpose of BC Soccer’s Criminal Record Check Policy is to ensure that BC Soccer, its members and
affiliated organizations work to uphold the duty of care owed to everyone involved in sanctioned
soccer activity in BC by conducting the appropriate criminal record checks.

All directors, volunteers, employees or contractors of BC Soccer or an affiliated BC Soccer
organization, who are aged 19 years and older and, are participating on a regular basis in any
element of youth soccer, or, who will be with a vulnerable person, must have a completed a
Criminal Record Check that includes a vulnerable sector check.

Player Safety Policy

All WYSA players have the responsibly and right to feel safe at soccer.

Respecting other players, coaches, referees, volunteers and staff is mandatory.

Bullying or any other unexpected behavior will be dealt with and can result in missed games/practices.


Conduct, Ethics and Discipline Policy

Westside Youth Soccer Association welcomes all individuals to participate in soccer and believes that embracing differences while removing barriers to promote diversity and equity and foster inclusion, is integral to serving the wider
soccer community.

Volunteers and staff in direct contact with children and youth are required take the Respect in Sport course to ensure everyone understands the moral and ethical obligations they must uphold when delivering soccer to our players.

WYSA follows and upholds all Canada Soccer and BC Soccer policies regarding discipline of adults, children and youth involved in the sport of soccer.

Rule of Two Policy

The Coaching Association of Canada has developed standards for the Rule of Two.
Canada Soccer expects that all organizations will work toward the Gold Standard – having two NCCP-trained or
certified coaches always present with an athlete. If NCCP-trained or certified coaches are not available, screened
volunteers (such as managers, support personnel, chaperones, and Directors of the club or organization) should be
available instead. If screened volunteers are not available, parents of other athletes should be asked to temporarily
substitute. If another adult is not available, there should always be more than one athlete with the coach (this is the
lowest standard and is not recommended).


Child Abuse Reporting Policy

All disclosures of child abuse will be taken seriously and as per BC's Child Family and Community Services Act (the “CFCSA):
Every person in British Columbia has a legal obligation under section 14 of the CFCSA to promptly report to the MCFD if they genuinely believe that a child has been or is likely to be abused or neglected and needs protection.

Inappropriate Conduct Policy

All reports of inappropriate conduct by any person will be taken seriously and investigated. If conduct is found to be criminal in nature the appropriate authorities will be notified.

Guidelines for Adults Interacting with Children in Sport

Individuals working or volunteering in sport are expected to uphold high standards and model behavior that upholds public confidence and enhances healthy relationships with children and families.


Please visit BC Soccer for information on Education and Safety.




Small Sided Rules